Analyze My Freestyle Swim Form



True of False:  Swimming is all about technique and form.


But it’s still a big part of swimming.  So let us help you take a look at your swim form to see how you might improve your freestyle stroke and your training.  Then maybe Andy Potts won’t stand a chance of beating you out of the water at your next triathlon.

This analysis involves the following:

  • You record above-water and below-water (if possible) video of your freestyle swim form at specific angles and swim speeds.  We’ll help with getting the setup right.
  • Our top swim coaches will analyze your video and provide feedback on faults and strengths in your stroke, and provide recommendations for improvement in form and changes in training.
  • You work on the suggestions and log results.
  • Repeat the process sooner-rather-than-later and see how you’ve improved

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